16 Locally Made Gifts (Found on Etsy) for Your Valentine

If you have a finger on any part of the Asheville craft scene, then you most likely have heard of the website Etsy.com, where individual artists, crafters, and finders can sell their wares. It might not sound like a “local” retail option, but, in fact, it is.

We have combed through more than 15,000 locally made products—everything from jewelry to prints to even hand-painted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bras—to show you some real gems for the love in your life. (It’s totally OK if the love in your life looks back at you from a mirror. After all, as Whitney knows, ’tis the greatest love of all.) So whether you are looking for you, your sweetie, your bestie, or your pooch, check out this great online collection of local goods, and make good decisions with your wallet.

$10 and Under

Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home prints by holdfastprintworks
Sweet, simple, and utterly for the lover of home. These prints can be customized to love the place in North Carolina where your heart is, whether it is Raleigh, Charlotte, Wilmington, or of course Asheville.

Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie
Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetie prints by MinkLetterpress
If you’re looking for a print that is a little more holiday specific, check out these cute little prints and their ode to chocolates, printed with chocolate brown ink.

Anchor Love Card
Anchor Love Card by holdfastprintworks
For the more tongue-in-cheeky print for the hipster in your life, we love the red anchor love in this print!

Red Skull Earrings
Red Skull Earrings by BustlingBlossoms
Yes, they might be more Zombie Walk than Valentine’s, but we know how many skull-lovers are in this creative town, so these red skull earrings might be just what you’re looking for. Hey, they are red, right? That counts.

Heart-Shaped Charms
Heart-Shaped Charms by ColdMountainDesigns
For the more traditional type of jewelry that won’t break the bank, we like these simple initial-stamped heart charms, made even cuter because they are super tiny!

Pink Wire-Wrapped Bracelet
Pink Wire-Wrapped Bracelet by OfFeatherandFriends
It must be the girly coming out, be we love this wire heart-shaped bracelet. Why? Um, pink! Hello! That’s part of the fun of Valentine’s Day: indulging in the pink lover in us all.

Leather Handprinted Flask
Leather Handprinted Flask by inblue
Coming in at No. 1 for our gifts for him is this small, leather-covered flask, complete with ironic mustache! We think even Gramps will like this one, if he’s a flask man, that is.

Minimalist Leather Wallet
Minimalist Leather Wallet by benwolfsfeet
Leather is the perfect medium for men, isn’t it? Rugged, tough, and earthy, but softens up and wears beautifully over time. Get the man in your life a piece of manliness with this super simple leather wallet.

Mini Skein Grab Bag
Mini Skein Grab Bag from UrbanGypZ
If you don’t know UrbanGypZ, then you should! This talented lady harvests her own angora fur, spins her own yarn, and hand dyes everything herself. Needless to say, this is some of the most gorgeous yarn around, and this little grab bag is perfect for the DIYer, the stitch-and-bitcher, or the just learning crafter in your life!

Sea Salt Scrub
Sea Salt Scrub by seawillowherbs
This is one of those great gifts that can fall into either the “for him” or the “for her” category. Homemade sea salt scrub will have your winter-dull skin fresh and glowing! (This could be an appropriate pre-Valentine’s gift, if you know what we mean.)

$10 – $25

Small Leather Journal Sketchbook
Small Leather Journal Sketchbook by Inblue
These customizable leather journals are perfect for the wandering creative. Small enough to fit in your pocket, cool enough to fit in your life.

Have Heart Infinity Scarf
Have Heart Infinity Scarf by holdfastprintworks

Asheville, N.C., limited edition screen print poster
Asheville, N.C., limited edition screen print poster by JamesFlamesPosters
When art is this fun, and this affordable, then everyone should have some! This gorgeous screen printed poster is a lovely addition to any wall, and we all love Asheville, so why not hang it up in your office or abode?

Silver Knot Ring
Silver Knot Ring by thesilversmith
Here is a piece of jewelry that can certainly send a message, but we love it for its simple sophistication.

Handmade Blank Book
Handmade Blank Book by tarjick
Whether you or your beloved is an art journaler, a writer, or just a collector of things, this book will have their heart pitter-pattering. Made from recycled “vintage” books, these items are a special gift that encourages your giftee to create. You can ask for custom orders as well!

Red Lotus Yoga Mat Bag
Red Lotus Yoga Mat Bag by NerdyandHip
Once again falling in the, “Hey, it’s red. Red is for Valentine’s Day, right?” category, this red yoga mat bag will make all the other yogis green with envy. (Argh. Color puns. We know.) But, it’s pretty on the inside, too, and it’s machine washable. You stinky hippies.

Be Mine Porcelain Cup
Be Mine Porcelain Cup by kungfuclay
Remind your love how much you love them every morning when they have their morning coffee or tea out of this sweet mug cup! This mug is a great gift: usable, pretty, handmade, and it has a message for you at the end of your beverage.