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WNC Inspires Poet Vievee Francis to Contemplate the Wilderness Within

When poet Vievee Francis talks about writing poetry, the word most often on her lips is compulsive. It’s a word usually reserved for flying the red flags of pop psychology and other assorted misbehaviors. Yet she weaves a spell, transforming the word into an utterly marvelous terrain. In her world, compulsion might be a mysterious Read More


Kink Is the New Black: Asheville Responds to 50 Shades of Grey


Local Author Pens Steamy Supernatural Historical Romance Novel

Local Asheville author Susan Blexrud, loves romance, the supernatural, and Civil War history. She’s poured all that passion and a dedication to historical accuracy into her latest Crimson Romance novel The Gettysburg Vampire. The story follows Abby Potter, a new theatre professor at Gettysburg College, who is determined to put on a holiday production centered Read More


Twelve Days of Asheville Christmas


Local Author Delves Into a Dark Family Secret